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Together, let's #SolveTheNews !

The ReSolve is a participatory publication presenting solutions from across Europe on today’s social 🤝 and environmental 🌍 challenges
by ReSolve Europe

This publication, from ReSolve Europe (Opens in a new window), aims to help #solvethenews and provide an engaging and hopeful perspective on complex issues. Whether you are a reader with a thirst for solutions, an activist striving for change, or a journalist covering social and environmental issues, this is the place for you!

Each edition is framed around one specific challenge and presents our own selection of stories, actors and initiatives to offer a much needed solution-oriented perspective on the topic at stake.

We identify solution-makers from every corner of Europe and provide visibility for their work. Hopefully, this can inspire others to support them and replicate good practices elsewhere.

One year of solutions to social issues

By subscribing (Opens in a new window) with Steady, you will receive ‘The ReSolve’ newsletter with our carefully curated content, each 15th of the month. Then, every month-end we will send you a follow-up ‘Community Edition’ based on content shared by the audience.

In 2022, we will provide you with one year of solutions to challenges related to social justice , as these are barely covered in the media, especially from a constructive, solution-oriented perspective (see the full list here (Opens in a new window)). Then, in 2023, we will focus on solutions to climate change and environmental responsibility, so stay tuned for more!

Join our Community of ReSolvers

Our goal is not only to curate content but also to promote exchanges, connect solution-makers and build bridges between positive initiatives and journalists. We want each issue to be the start of a new conversation with our audience so we can build on your feedback and keep our content dynamic!

Become part of this ‘Community of ReSolvers’ by subscribing and by sharing your own solutions with us on your preferred social media or via email:    

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