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Following our third issue covering Gender Equality (Opens in a new window), we come back with YOUR ‘Community Edition’ to relay even more constructive and inspiring content coming directly from the audience.

This impressive list of 25 suggested solutions (stories, changemakers and initiatives) and 13 recommended media and podcasts shows us that there are many different ways to contribute to a fairer and more gender-equal Europe. Since we believe that each of us can make a change, don’t hesitate to spread the word about their work, to participate in some of their activities or to replicate these good practices in your own region.

To keep the conversation going and growing, we count on you to keep suggesting new ideas and innovative solutions via our various social media channels. (Opens in a new window)

Issue #3 - Gender Equality Community Edition

Solutions from across Europe (Opens in a new window)

Solutions per country

In the UK

In Poland (Opens in a new window)

In Spain

In Belgium

In Germany

  • ⚕️ LEVY Health (Opens in a new window), the first digital platform for holistic fertility medicine with a mission to close the gender health and care gap (having just raised €2.5 million to scale-up).

In the Netherlands

In Sweden

BONUS: Recommended podcasts & media

Podcasts for your ears 🎙️ (Opens in a new window)

Media for your eyes 📰 📹

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