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Following our third issue covering Gender Equality, we come back with YOUR ‘Community Edition’ to relay even more constructive and inspiring content coming directly from the audience.

This impressive list of 25 suggested solutions (stories, changemakers and initiatives) and 13 recommended media and podcasts shows us that there are many different ways to contribute to a fairer and more gender-equal Europe. Since we believe that each of us can make a change, don’t hesitate to spread the word about their work, to participate in some of their activities or to replicate these good practices in your own region.

To keep the conversation going and growing, we count on you to keep suggesting new ideas and innovative solutions via our various social media channels.

Issue #3 - Gender Equality Community Edition

Solutions from across Europe

Solutions per country

In the UK

  • 🏛️ Queer Britain Museum, on 5th May, this charity opened the UK’s first LGBT+ museum, a place as exciting as the people, stories and ideas it explores and celebrates.
  • 🏆 Diva Awards 2022, by the renowned DIVA Magazine, a no-holds-barred celebration of the achievements of LGBT+ people – and their allies – across business, the media and politics.
  • 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾INvolve People helps firms drive cultural change and create inclusive workplaces where any individual can succeed. See their annular role model lists.

In Poland

In Spain

  • 🎒 School of Feminism, a non-profit platform that aims to push Feminism forward in society through communication, creativity and education. ➡ See #stopnipplecensorship and @nipplemagazine, one of their many campaigns calling to revisit the way women are portrayed on social networks.
  • ✍️ The only woman in the room, article by Marta Buces for Eurocities on March 9th 2022, asking if the situation for women in local politics improved over the years in Madrid, Gothenburg, Zaragoza, Tallinn and Barcelona.

In Belgium

  • 📍 The Brussels Binder, a free database of women experts in many fields to improve diversity in policy and media debates.
  • 👮‍♀️ Women In International Security Global (Wiis) dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international peace, security and defence.

In Germany

  • ⚕️ LEVY Health, the first digital platform for holistic fertility medicine with a mission to close the gender health and care gap (having just raised €2.5 million to scale-up).

In the Netherlands

  • 💻 The Code To Change, an academy that inspires and teaches women and other underrepresented groups essential tech skills to succeed in the job market.

In Sweden

BONUS: Recommended podcasts & media

Podcasts for your ears 🎙️

  • Exactly. With Florence Given (EN) diving deep into 5 topics; sex, social media, feminism, relationships and body image and exploring them all with fascinating guests.
  • The Shift by Sam Baker (EN) amplifies and celebrates women in midlife and beyond as we don’t often hear these women’s voices, their experiences, their WISDOM (also on Steady).
  • La Fabuleuse (FR), five young, queer and unfiltered influencers (led by Bilal Hassani) who talk about fashion, sex or friendship with a claimed kindness.
  • Camille (FR), Camille Regache helps demystify gender and sexual identities. Try some of her must-hear episodes like “How to be a good ally to trans people” and “The Big Bad Queer”.
  • Coming Out (FR) gives the floor to well-known and lesser-known personalities, who recount their coming out and their journey to fully accept themselves.
  • Black Confetti (DE) talks about self-love, feminism & sustainability with their very Mediterranean swag (also on Steady).
  • We presented these two changemakers in the previous edition but make sure to tune in for I Weigh (EN) by Jameela Jamil and Gurls talk(EN) by Adwoa Aboah.

Media for your eyes 📰 📹

  • Openly News (EN) is an initiative of the Thomson Reuters Foundation dedicated to impartial coverage of LGBT+ issues from around the world.
  • Unbias the News (EN) is a feminist cross-border newsroom by Hostwriter, working towards a more equitable and inclusive world of journalism.
  • Ideologia LGBT by Are We Europe (EN), and their latest Queer issue to get a glance at what it feels to be queer in all corners of the continent.
  • Gal-dem (EN) since the current journalistic landscape is 94% white and 55% male, this new media publication is committed to telling the stories of people of colour from marginalised genders to redress this imbalance (also on Steady).
  • Stream’Her (FR), provides a safe space for (future) women streamers with access to advices, testimonials and discussion areas on Discord.
  • PAINT Youtube Channel (FR) created by Aline and Cédric FEITO, twins and both gay, in order to give more visibility to the French-speaking LGBTQIA+ community.

We hope you found this content inspiring!

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