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It's time to do your own thing

Thousands of strong voices use Steady to publish their work and secure a reliable income for their project. Become one of them. We're here to help.

Steady for Podcasters

The simple membership system by creators for creators

  • 5% of your audience will pay you 5€ a month*
  • Keep your rights, workflow, platform, and sponsors
  • Host members-only episodes, also on Spotify
  • Free newsletter tool to engage with your members

*Average of projects on Steady

Frank Joung hosts Halbe Katoffl on Steady

For those who always have something to say

Luke Turner & John Doran

The Quietus

Members of the independent music and culture magazine are rewarded with perks that take them deeper into the cultural quirks they love, as well as exclusive music releases.

Sadie Ryan


Members pay to keep the lights on for the podcast they love. In return, they receive bonus episodes. Some members even pay extra to support Accentricity's outreach project for young podcasters.

Tag Warner

Gay Times

The veteran LGBTQI+ magazine's editors use memberships to fund original content on their own terms. Members enjoy an all-in-one print and online magazine membership.

Want to move your project to Steady? We'll guide you!

Memberships are more personal than subscriptions and more sustainable than donations. A loyal community doesn’t only pay in exchange for attractive benefits. They’re often happy to pay just to keep you going.

Your journey to independence

Step 1


Start a new publication or integrate Steady into your website. Publish posts, host podcasts and send newsletters all from our one-stop publishing shop.

Step 2


Collect email addresses, send direct messages and strengthen your relationship with your community using our practical tools.

Step 3


Turn loyal fans into members who support you financially. Contacts and content are yours – always. Steady costs nothing until you start earning money.

We made Steady because we’re publishers, too

The Steady team is made up of journalists and media creators who know the struggles of independent media all too well. That’s why we want to give you the tools you need on your path to independence.

About us

Our publishers speak for themselves

Luke Turner

The Quietus
“Steady isn't a tech platform trying to make money off publishers, it's publishers trying to make the publishing ecosystem work.”

Nathalie Hasson

Louie Media
“Something I like about working with Steady is that we can be part of developing a better product that really fits our needs. We feel very listened to.”

Tag Warner

Gay Times
“I personally think a reader-funded model is the way forward for the media. It is for us, and we're excited to develop that.”

Liv Little

“We shouldn't be scared of asking people to invest in the creative work we produce, because the creative work we produce costs money.”

Alberto Puliafito

Slow News
“Every day we're surprised by the warmth and power of the readers who sustain us. This is the power of memberships.”

Thousands of strong voices depend on Steady.