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What would it be like to live from what you most love doing?
Do you want to make a living from writing, music, blogging, open source coding, podcasting or video production? Steady brings you closer to your goal.
Steady makes your community support you financially every month.
In our experience, about 5% of your community are willing to subscribe. Steady helps your followers become subscribers.
Steady is a complete system to create a campaign that makes your community subscribe to your publication.
Steady takes care of all the annoying details that money brings: correct invoices, taxation and dealing with payment providers. You don't have to pay anything – Steady simply retains 10% of the contributions (plus credit card and other transfer fees).

Your work has earned respect.
Now let it earn you money.

How does Steady work?

You create a campaign page on Steady.
Describe yourself and your work.
Set a financial target for your first campaign – the amount you hope to receive each month. And explain exactly what you plan to do with the money – for example, publish two quality blog posts per week instead of one.
From the campaign page, your community can easily select a monthly contribution plan and pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.
You can link to your campaign page from your own website, through social media or anywhere you connect with your audience.

Once a month Steady will send you money via bank transfer.

Steady's features help turn your audience into paying subscribers

Steady Overlay

Promote your campaign directly on your website using the Steady Overlay. Show a button on your site, customize the color and text and draw attention to your Steady campaign.

Steady Paywall

Save your best content for paying subscribers. Just insert the ___STEADY_PAYWALL___ keyword anywhere in your post to hide the remaining content from your non-subscribers.

Steady Adwall

More people now use ad-blockers. The Steady Adwall asks these visitors to subscribe to your publication.

Your dashboard

Stay in control of your subscribers’ names and email addresses. We will always keep them safe from prying eyes.

CSV export

You want to run a special campaign for your subscribers? Download a CSV file with your subscribers’ names, email addresses, and plan type at anytime to send them targeted emails or just analyze your data.

Update your subscribers

Keep your community updated by posting on your campaign page. These are shown exclusively to your subscribers.

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We only earn money if you do.
There's no risk you'll lose money.
Steady keeps a 10% commission from your contributions.
There are also fees for payment processing, such as credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.

Crowdfunding made easy

Steady uses proven crowdfunding techniques for ongoing monthly contributions, not just one-off donations. And it eliminates hassle. There are no deadlines or goals to stop you receiving any contributions.


You decide how much money you need, and what you'll do with it. These goals are visible on your project page, as well as details about your campaign success (for example, 850€ from 1000€).

Payment transactions

You don't need to set up accounts to receive bank transfers, PayPal or credit card payments – Steady handles it all.

Thank you

It helps when you can offer your community a few benefits. A newsletter featuring special content just for your supporters. A monthly hangout, or a video where you personally thank them. It doesn't have to be big or material – it's the thought that counts.


Don't worry about writing complicated EU-compliant invoices – Steady takes care of them for you.


Different VAT levels for supporters in various countries – Steady deals with that, too.

We're here for you

Steady is a team of developers, designers, journalists and founders in Berlin. We're motivated by the belief that good content should be well rewarded. With Steady, we make it possible.

Your work has earned respect.
Now let it earn you money.

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