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Special Issue -   Stand With Ukraine

For the Ukrainian population, life has become a nightmare overnight and their home a war zone. UNHCR estimates that at least four million people may flee Ukraine in the coming weeks. Once again, we see people rising up to help their neighbours and propose solutions even to the most terrible situations one can face. 💙💛

With The ReSolve, our goal is to show that we can go further together and that each of us is part of the solidarity movement. That’s why we decided to make this special issue and share information on solidarity initiatives to help our fellow citizens of Ukraine. Today, we need to keep protesting, donating and supporting those still defending their country and make sure that refugees are able to live decently. In the future, we hope to see this kind of solidarity in action for all people in need.

The online article (Opens in a new window) will be updated weekly with new information and initiatives received from you and identified on our end. We will get back to our initial plan to cover solutions promoting gender equality in April.

Together, let’s #StandWithUkraine and #StandWithAllRefugees 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾

Stay well informed

The first step to help those in need and to show solidarity is to stay well informed about what is happening on the ground and avoid potential fake news and propaganda around the conflict and its consequences. We’ve rounded up a few trustworthy sources you can refer to below.

If you need to know or to provide accurate information, see the ‘Comprehensive information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine (Opens in a new window)’ by the European Commission, including free travel options, rights to crossing the border, rights in the EU and compiled information from each EU national authority.

Direct support to Ukraine

As we are still in the heat of the conflict, we believe it’s important to provide the most direct help, by supporting local actors who are well organized and who can have a quick impact. Donations for defense equipment and humanitarian assistance to people in Ukraine are urgently needed at the moment.

Make your voice heard in the streets and on social media

The world much show a united front with Ukrainians and anti-war demonstrators across Europe have taken to the streets. Critical mass counts, so you can start by joining the protests for peace that are organized near you. You can find locations on the map and how to help on the #StandWithUkraine website (Opens in a new window). The mobile app Leads Ukraine (Opens in a new window) can also help you find Ukrainian organizations and events near you.

Make sure to also spread the word on social media about the initiatives and organizations you decided to support and the ones you believe will make an impact. Even if not sufficient, online activism can also make a difference.

Initiatives across Europe

If you are looking for or know somewhere to host refugees from Ukraine, please register the information on MAPAHELP (Opens in a new window). It gathers information about organizations and people outside Ukraine who are ready to help Ukrainians. The map contains geodata of places where Ukrainians can get food, transfer, housing, medical and psychological help.

We also selected other initiatives that work in several countries across Europe:

The European Union policymakers are also stepping up their game and organizing an unprecedented response. In addition to the sanctions, they have unanimously approved the first-ever activation of the Temporary Protection Directive (Opens in a new window) that will provide immediate protection and rights, reduce pressures on national asylum systems, and enhance responsibility sharing.

However, while these measures are welcome, many still wonder how long they will last and why they have not been applied to other groups of people fleeing war in other parts of the world.

In each country

To make sure the help is coordinated and to avoid losing precious time and effort, if you would like to volunteer, donate or directly help refugees, make sure to first contact your Municipality or local authorities so that they are aware of ongoing efforts. Collection campaigns from individuals and civil society at the local level can then be reported to the national government where transport and distribution can be coordinated. See also the needs and advice of the Ukrainian Embassy (and consulates) in your country.

Support via international aid organizations

These institutions are all well-organized to provide support now and in the long-term, both to those staying in the country via their Ukrainian branch and to refugees outside Ukraine. You can find the local branch in your country to make a donation or volunteer with them.

One we would like to highlight, also linked to our next issue, is OutRight Action International (Opens in a new window), which is helping to support LGBTQ+ groups and organizations on the ground, setting up shelters and providing safety for citizens.

🤝We hope you found this useful and can share it around if it might contribute to help others.
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