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After our second issue covering Homelessness (Opens in a new window), we follow-up with YOUR ‘Community Edition’, relaying even more constructive and inspiring content coming directly from the audience.

This list of 18 suggested stories, initiatives and actors shows us that there are many different ways to help homeless people get a roof and reinclude them in society. Each of us can make a change, so don’t hesitate to spread the word about their work, to participate in some of their activities or to replicate these good practices in your own region.

In March, we will be looking at ways to promote 'Gender Equality', and we count on you to keep suggesting new ideas and innovative solutions via our various social media channels. (Opens in a new window)

In the UK

🖼️ Museum of Homelessness (Opens in a new window), an award winning museum in London that produces artistic work tackling homelessness, by people who have experienced it. Check out ‘Toxic’, their next exhibition launching on the 10th of March 2022, produced by Isla Foundation (Opens in a new window).

👧🧒 Step by Step (Opens in a new window), a young people’s charity in the UK, supporting young people who are going through hard times. By contributing, you can help reach more young people every year and offer them just the right support when and where they need it most.

🚪 Simon Community (Opens in a new window), Charity of the Year 2020 in Scotland, they spare no effort to find, connect and help people to get a safe place to live and the support they need.

🏅 Center for Homelessness Impact (Opens in a new window), and their Impact Forum (Opens in a new window) that took place in Glasgow in January 2022. See also their 15 Ambassadors (Opens in a new window) who advocate for a world without homelessness.

Since we have spotted many initiatives in the UK, here is ☂️ Homeless Link (Opens in a new window), the national membership charity for organisations working with people who become homeless.

In Belgium

🧼 PLOUF Wasserette (Opens in a new window), a social café and laundromat to be launched soon in Brussels. They still need your help to reach their crowdfunding (Opens in a new window) target. The project was launched by La Communa (Opens in a new window) via their housing first project Sorocité (Opens in a new window).

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Infirmiers de rue (Opens in a new window), a socio-medical association in Belgium that restores ties between people living in great uncertainty, their environment and the health services, following their patients until they can be moved into housing again.

📰 “L’Ilot : un centre de jour par et pour les femmes” (Opens in a new window), an article by Marinette MORMONT in Brussels for Alter Échos, talking about how L'Îlot (Opens in a new window) is providing a safe place specifically for women in need and getting them out of their ‘invisibility’.

📰 “#PourEux: When the confined cook for the homeless” (Opens in a new window), an article (available in 6 languages) by Léa Marchal in Brussels for CaféBabel, showing an example of solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic where 2,000 citizens are cooking and delivering meals by bike to the homeless.

In France

🏠 Toit à Moi (Opens in a new window), a non-profit collective in France, raising funds to buy apartments to house the homeless and find volunteers to accompany them.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Louis-Xavier Leca (Opens in a new window) - see his profile on Care news (Opens in a new window) -who created La Cloche (Opens in a new window) which seeks to create a network of citizens and shopkeepers who offer their neighbors on the street small daily services, since he believes each small gestures can act for the good of all.

🏆 Les Pics d'Ors de la Fondation Abbé Pierre (Opens in a new window), satiric awards in France spotting the worst anti-homeless urban amenities and anti-begging orders installed throughout France and abroad. You can also denounce these works on (Opens in a new window). (Opens in a new window)

In Spain

📣 HOGAR SÍ (Opens in a new window), a non-profit in Madrid, that wants everybody who agrees that homelessness is a violation of human rights to raise their voice on social media and beyond.

😷 Andrew Funk (Opens in a new window), a social entrepreneur based in Spain, who created Homeless Entrepreneurs (Opens in a new window) and launched the #NationalHomelessHelpline & #HomelessHostelsWork to ensure recently housed people don’t become homeless again after Covid-19. Contact them (Opens in a new window) if you’d like to apply to their empowerment-based model in your city. (Opens in a new window)

In Denmark

📰 “Homeless co-building their own homes in Aarhus (Opens in a new window)”, a blog post in Denmark told by DiversifyNow!, in which architects are helping homeless to co-create or even build their own homes with Projekt Udenfor (Opens in a new window) and Architects Without Borders DK (Opens in a new window).

In Greece

📰 “Athens is helping homeless people secure jobs (Opens in a new window)”, an article by Svilena Iotkovska in Greece for The Mayor, mentioning the adoption of the “Homeless Bill of Rights” and the Social Accelerator HoMellon (Opens in a new window) from the Municipality’s Reception and Solidarity Center (KYDA) (Opens in a new window).

Across the World

😴 The World’s Big Sleep Out (Opens in a new window), on 7th December 2019, 60,000 people throughout the world slept out under the stars to show solidarity with those that have no other choice. (Opens in a new window)

Homeless Worldcup Fondation (Opens in a new window), a unique charity playing worldwide, which uses football to inspire people who are homeless to change their own lives via their Network of Street Football Partners (Opens in a new window) across 70+ countries and international football tournaments.

We thank these people, organisations and media for their incredibly powerful work! We thank YOU, our Community of ReSolvers, for the content you have shared back with us.

Stay tuned for new content and recommendations about #social and #environmental challenges shared by our growing Community of ReSolvers from all over Europe.

Our next issue #3 on ‘Gender equality’ is coming out already on the 15th of March 2022!

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