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Newsletter #19

territorial future thoughts by spatialforesight

In December 2022, we shared three territorial future thoughts in our blog. One addresses technological trends which may affect territorial development and cohesion. One discusses the meaning of cross-border labour markets, and one shows why European lake regions deserve more attention.

Mega-trends shaping territorial cohesion. What trends will shape territorial developments and cohesion outlooks in the years to come? This blog post summarises some key findings concerning technological trends. (Read (Öffnet in neuem Fenster))

What is a cross-border labour market? Cross-border labour markets are signs of European integration. Yet, the term ‘cross-border labour markets’ means many different things in European policy discussions. (Read (Öffnet in neuem Fenster))

European lake regions deserve more attention. Lake regions in Europe are often overlooked, despite their economic, social and environmental importance. This concerns also governance arrangements of lake regions. (Read (Öffnet in neuem Fenster))

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In the pipeline

In 2023 we will keep on feeding the blog with reflections about the future, Europe, spaces, places and people. In the pipeline are among others blog posts on territorial cohesion & performance-based financing, mega-trends affecting territorial development, and particularities of lake regions.

Stay tuned. (Öffnet in neuem Fenster)

Season's Greetings and a 2023 with abundant vitality and exciting opportunities.

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