GettinMember in my businesscase!!Thanky Thanky!!

Just go alng through my Projects - There will be more nad more the next days along - and then take that with Your Best Moneyprice and he Best Condition on up fr You, and get Partof the TrueMoonTattooInc. right here in Yearsmembers!! My price goin along from gettin an Clientwishinorderdrawinsartwork for free one Time the Year or just gettin an Poster up along in One Year or just gettin Colourcopies and blackandGrey-Copies for more less every three Monthes all along up to three Ones in One Time!! Thanky Thanky to be Part of my own Business!!

Hey ho and Hello to You all!! just feel free to Checkout my Memberoptions there will be more OPtions beetween the nextWeek - will just get god Offers for gettin Yearmember for all Parts of the MOneypockest!! Just als be able to spend me up soem MOney - my next Plan is to buy an huge Part of Books of"" about tattoothemes for my Tattoointimes nad about learninstrategies for workin out an better Dawiniearninschooling for adults nad also Boks about Drawinlearnin instead about teh diferent Themes - just need all to ever have the correct forecah Peoples there!! And then for private Use Books about ADHD - Me just have almost this Dignosis and hope to get my right Medicies right up stuill thsi Year!! Just have in thelast Order also two Books about ADS just about learnin and that it is healinpossible!! Just check out my projects I think gettin Copies of Coloured darwinartworks or just BlackandGrey-Drawinartworks for less four tImes a Year is an Good offer and also to get fourTimes of really especialar Drawn ClientwishOrderincase-Arworks for less - Normally on the comin Homepage they are about 40 Euros each One of them -and there will comi along an Project to get new Stickers nad Postcards every four Time sthe Year - Just alla long for Extrapaidshipping by Yourselves up to Your HomeS!1 Cannot pay all the extrashipping to whole the World so It`s upp to You!!  I Hope that my Huiftprothesisses willsoon be In-perated in both Legs, They will be ofTitanematerials and hope to have less Pain along then - And Hope that Corocaquarantaene will defy itselves as fast as it was theere so that me be able to inserate my Drawinlearninschoolins directly by me as Artist in Similar One-to-one-Lessons in the Time of monday to riday up from 13.00 up to 20.00 - JUst possible to book also Doublelesons for my Drawinlearninschoolings here at Home in my Atelier-Livingroom and with Papermaterials for the own Map every Week!1 I wnana have abouz 6 to 8 Scoolingpeoples teh Weekand then it will be with oney also up enough to get good MOney in the Pressuzpsarticcles - just will raise up to 10 or 20 Stickers, and about 8 to 10 Posters and about 12 to 15 Postcardsorst and also Bags in new Case in the Shop, about 6 to8 different Sorst of it - And just Noticeblocks about 8 to 12 Sorst along!! and just about two hundred new Pens with Businessshopame and Telephoneneumber - Just as Give-Aways!1 I hope that Coronaquarantaine will really son get away agai - So I ma Hot about my Drawinlearninschoolings with some good Drawinschoolers along!1 ihad one Lady just interestin and me bought three Books for our private Lessons  but her Husband don`t wanted her to let her out of the Houzse and her quitted the Schoolings - Now I go three Books about Anatomydawin and just "15 Miute drawins HuanFigures" - me now still get about12 bopoks along - will pay tem on teh fIrst of April and just will good work on with tsi Boks -  alos ever again about 93,50 up for 12 Books - Just possible but me need more mOney I have only tospend along about 70 euros every Week and before as I wored with an Car deliverin Pizza nad Noodles me had about 450 euros ore in the Pocket - so em still si needed some   Drawinlearninschoolöinpeoples along very fast up!1 - Just good Books along alos about "250 Optical illusions" and"opticaillusions up to draw" - just will create an new Understyle of my Own drawinstylecase along with this Illusions will they all uild up in especiliar Artworkdarwinsketches!! Just thik over - If everyone spendin me 4 euro on up there will be some good Money to tze new Boks - os Coronaquarantaine has alos it`s good so that me has more Time to colect all Boks whicineeded - i need possibly soe about four to five Books about Learninstrategies to work ut teh <Pefect Schooling!! And Hope You`ll find the correct Project to get Business,member in my categopries and that You like the prices Me will spend up!1 so, See You soon, hope on Your Help, if everyone gibves an liddle Part of It`s also an huge full pocket If Everyone does!! Thanky tjhanky, yours Hugs And kisses Sham Indigo Revolto Hope

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