Hi and Hello, all Of You in here!1 Just ne of my projects here on Steady want to earn some Money for buyin in an List of Books for my Drawinschoolins and about ADHD and about Tattoothemes which are sometimes much expüensive - This Bill contains every Book I need of this actuell Catalogue and just costs about 2670 europs just one Bill!1 But then havin everything parat also the Books about Learninstrategies etc. with which me may better doin the aultdrawinschoolins - Me will just also do an Internetplatform or Group where me will School along in Learnin to draw - Just hope Coronaquarantaine will end soon so that me is able to teach again !!

Hi and Hello - I need Yur Spends and Your Memerships in here along!1 Me is ill now since february 2017 - i had an Cancertumore and over this medicinal Services me git some Nieresbreaks along - gettin now every six weeks new cathetre throug the Stommage and every sixc Monthes new Niersrings inside ofmy nIeres - and also I Need new Huiftprothesis on bot legs along - still this Year out of titanmaterials and hopely havin after that less Pain alng !! So Ineed for my Bookorder of "Weltbild.de" about 2670 euros - all books about Learninstrategies, Drawinlearninschoolinbooks,Tattoos,ADHD!!

Hi and Helo!! Me nededin up for this Bokorder just about 2670 euros - whole the Books abot how to draw for my adultdrawinlearninschoolings - I Try to make na Group here on facebook to school also by Pc - Maybe thsi wil,l be successful with watchparties nad copiede Drawinlearninparts uploaded in One Galery where every Learner may download them or just looka t them while tryin to cover them up!! I need all this Boks about tattoos fpor my Ttattooartistwork nad about learbninstrategies to seddle an better Drawinlearninway and about ADHd in Private Case just have alsmsost this Diagosis !1 Please spend me up some Money - am Illwritten now since 02/2017 and still have to be operated on both Legs with gettin  new Huiftprothesis out of Titan!1 hpe my pain will be better then - Will just learn since 2021 for two Years Artstherapeuth in Kiel and just go i an better Future then!! After the Coronaquarantaine is away again - Me will inserate i the Newspaper here along o every Thursday andsaturday to give private Drawinlearninlessons in my Atelier-Livingroom only for adults - Just 10 euro/Hour - doublebooking possible - Me is wishing about 6 to 8 Schoolinpeoples the Week!! Just need still some boks - and te more Money I Collect thebettre will be te drawinlearninschoolings - Need immidiately tree or four books about Learninstrategies - Just ahve ordered up to 12 Boos Yesterday also!1 About aos "225 Tipps and tricks or Drawins about Materials, Technics and other Drawingcases" and also "Basisknowledge of DPencildrawinGF2 - just an must have for Schoolins to ma ystart up at the first Part - the needed Materials - Me ever sayin we need a Hb-Pencil, a 2B, an 4B, and an 6B-Pencil and also an swobby Rubber and an good Newcutter!! Just the best are the Graphitpencils without any Wood!1 and we alla need One of these Lighten-Up-Drawingplates in DINA$ and an long Cable abou TZhree Metres long up!! They are about 19 euros up to more at Amazon and maybe I will just buy once ten Cables and about 6 to 8 Drawinplates in DINA4 at wish.com or Geek.com and sell them to each One of mmmy Schoolinpeoples in the Course!! Please gettt all Mmeber i my Projects have made today four new Projectzs with different Moneygivins and different Prices for egttin an Yearmember in my Projects - Just wait for You all - Pease get me in the AllTimeheroCase of all worlds!1 thanyk Thanyk Yours seb.

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