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What's got my attention this week?

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Kemi Telford's collaboration with the Tate, modelled by founder Yvonne (right) and customer Natalie, a breast surgeon.

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Kemi Telford's collaboration (Opens in a new window) with the Tate is inspired by female artists in the Tate collection.
40 years of Madonna (Opens in a new window). 40!
• HRT shortage in the UK. Formula and tampon shortage in the US. (Opens in a new window) I can't help thinking there's a link...
• I'm a big fan of Katherine (Wintering) May's writing. Love this piece on the extremity of the solstice (Opens in a new window).
• How I learnt to eat alone (Opens in a new window) and love it.
• Does anyone know – or care – if middle-aged women are getting sexual satisfaction (Opens in a new window)? No, Emma Thompson, no, they don't.

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