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It’s that Bikini Body BS time of year again

This started as a rant about Bikini Body culture. It ended up being something entirely different

Possibly the only remaining picture of me in a swimsuit, taken four years ago on Kefalonia. Very much not a fan.

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How much of your life have you wasted worrying about your body? Not whether it’s working properly – as if – but how it looks?

As the now almost fully evolved human being that I like to think I am (on a good day, with a downhill wind etc) I’d like to say not a lot, but that would be a total lie: at 15, at 35 and, now, at 55 (give or take 12 days), I have wasted valuable hours (more like weeks) finding myself wanting. Especially during Bikini Body BS season, which henceforth we will call BBBS for short.

This all started when I saw this meme of Emma Thompson doing the rounds last night. “I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to waste my passion, my energy, my curiosity, my money, my life’s purpose worrying about my body. That’s what I’ll do. What a good idea,” she said on Late Night with Seth Myers.

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