Preliminary note

The following guidelines are not a legal text, but are intended to help publishers and users understand the principles that guide the Steady team when deciding whether a publication may use Steady or when and why a publisher is sanctioned. Steady helps people and teams who produce content to generate regular revenue from their audiences. We are aware of our responsibility because we help to finance journalistic projects.


The audience decides which publication deserves financial support, not Steady. That’s what Steady is here for: People-Powered Media. Steady is neither a publisher nor an editor, Steady has no editorial guideline. Steady does not make itself common with the contents of the publishers. This means that the publication of content that causes displeasure does not necessarily lead to sanctions, even if this can be difficult to bear. It is a principle in itself for us to intervene as little as possible in the freedom of Steady publishers. This also includes the freedom to offer paid content that not everyone agrees to, not even the Steady team. However, there are limits that we describe in these guidelines.

Respect and Fairness

Freedom of expression is important to us. But we draw a line at content that encourages violence or promotes hate and intolerance against individuals or groups on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or sexual identification. We reserve the right to determine which content is unacceptable on these grounds. Threatening, stalking, harassment, abuse, intimidation, intrusions of privacy, the publication of private data and calls for violence are not permitted on Steady.


Steady does not allow the publication of fake projects or the collection of funds for actions that the users do not genuinely intend to undertake. No one may use Steady to publish content that they have not created or do not hold the copyright to. Nor may anyone attempt to seek funds in order to stage a prank, or simply not complete the described project. Deliberately misleading content that is only resolved, relativized or clarified after a payment barrier (paywall payoff) is not permitted.

Protection of Minors

Pornographic content is forbidden on Steady. We reserve the right to determine when the boundary between acceptable content and pornography has been breached. We do not tolerate the promotion of rape or other forms of sexual abuse. All cases of child abuse will result in criminal prosecution.


Steady does not allow the publication or promotion of violent content which only serves to shock and has no journalistic or artistic merit. We reserve the right to determine the merit and acceptability of such content. Violent content is only acceptable when accompanied by factual and contextual information that allows users to understand the situation. Steady does not allow the publication or promotion of material that may cause harm and distress to users – especially children.

Criminal Activity

Steady does not allow the creation of projects or collection of finances to promote illegal activities. For example, instructions for assembling weapons, copyright infringement, money laundering, commercial spamming, drug dealing or sexual abuse.


Steady may not be used to publish spam. The distribution of large volumes of unrequested, unwanted or repetitive content is not allowed.

Banned Users

Steady organizes financial transactions. We therefore closely scrutinize the individuals who publish and promote projects. Steady may ban individuals who are or have been involved in fraud, deception, violence, harassment, terror, political extremism, stalking or other illegal activity, as well as those who are or have been connected to groups engaged in such activity.


Users who do not meet the standards of these guidelines may face consequences.. We may, among other things, issue warnings, temporarily or permanently block an account or publisher, temporarily disable paywalls or other features and temporarily deactivate the possibility of selling new subscriptions.


If you see a project that violates these guidelines, please send an email to We ask for your understanding that not everything you disagree with may have consequences through Steady.

The guidelines with version number 1.1 apply as of May 1, 2018.