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Our first publisher newsletter in a shiny new format

Two new Steady newsletters, plus a newsletter whose readers pitch in to make it even better and practical tips for growing your community

In the content team here at Steady, we're in the mood for change. Up till now, we’d always sent our newsletter to publishers like yourself via Mailchimp; from now on, everything will be sent via Steady. And there’s more: what used to be our publisher newsletter will now be split into two different newsletters. From now on, there will be Publisher News (that's this newsletter) and a Magazine format, so that we can make sure to send you what you're really interested in.

You have received this newsletter either because you are a Steady publisher or because you’re interested in Steady. You will receive emails from us at irregular intervals – about once a month – with news about Steady, information on new features and everything else you need to know as a Steady publisher.

If you don't feel like it, you can unsubscribe from these emails below – or (if you have a Steady account) customise your notifications in your settings (Opens in a new window).

In addition to Publisher News, there's our Magazine Newsletter. About twice a month, we publish articles on publishing, memberships and the experiences of our publishers, to help make your project a success. You can catch up on the Magazine (Opens in a new window) and subscribe to the newsletter either directly in the magazine or (if you have a Steady account) in your settings (Opens in a new window).

New in the Steady Magazine

Newsletter writer Irene Caselli has readers pitching in on her project. Credit: Lise Straatsma.

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