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Neurodivergent people deserve a fair chance at fulfilling their potential. Let's create that future!
by Lizzie

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Help us host a FREE masterclass on Neurodiversity - and our members will get to decide the topic(s) we cover!

For Neurodivergent people to get a fair chance at fulfilling our potential, we need to remove the cards that are stacked against us.

We need a New Deal for Neurodiversity.

I love to share free content about Neurodiversity on social media, and I will continue to provide as much as I can. 

To truly make an impact on the Neurodiversity human rights movement and to help build that New Deal for Neurodiversity, we all need to get involved.

Joining the Collective means:

👍 getting access to more in depth, complex content to help you on your Neurodiversity journey

👍 supporting me to continue providing free content

👍 most importantly, supporting the Neurodivergent community as a whole, because your Membership fees go towards funding things like free coaching and free events!

This is your chance to change the world 🤩

This Collective is for

👉 Neurodivergent people: whether you're late diagnosed or you've known your whole life, navigating the workplace is challenging for Neurodivergent people. We've got tips-galore for learning to self-advocate, understanding your own traits, needs, strengths and sensory profile, and for being able to effectively communicate all of that to your employer.

👉 Allies: you might be a manager with a Neurodivergent person in your team. Or a colleague who wants to be able to support your team mate. Or maybe you're a parent or friend, trying to help a Neurodivergent person break into employment and thrive. Whatever the case, we want you here! With dedicated content to help you learn from lived experience from someone who has navigated many different workplaces and environments, you'll be an expert ally in no time!

👉 Employers: organisations both large and small need to adapt to embrace neurodiversity. Being part of this human rights movement is the right thing to do. And if it really matters to you, it's also been shown to have a positive financial impact on your business. We've got resources for you to get started here, and can work with you directly to go deeper in designing your Neuroinclusivity program or training your teams.

Can't wait to have you all here 🫶