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4 Steady tools you (probably) didn't know about

Are you making the most of all that Steady has to offer? Here are four features that will make your life easier.

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Steady is a 1-stop-shop for creators to make and monetise excellent content. That means there are many many functions, some of which may have fallen under your radar.

As well as generating a reliable income, there are a host of features helping you to connect with your fans and build a community, without any pesky algorithms getting in the way.

1. Collect subscribers and send newsletters (for free!)

Our data shows that an average of 40% of all posts on Steady do not get sent out via newsletter. It’s such a great tool! If you want to get more eyeballs on your work with minimal effort, try newsletters now (Opens in a new window).

number of posts sent as newsletters and only published as articles on Steady in May 2023 (Opens in a new window)

You can also add a short sign-up form to your Steady page and link to it anywhere, encouraging followers to become newsletter subscribers.

Here are our surefire tips on how to start a successful newsletter. (Opens in a new window)💫

To use the newsletter function, simply select the "Send by email" option when publishing a post. (Opens in a new window)

🚀 Discover all the functions and options for newsletters here.  (Opens in a new window)

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2. Post exclusive podcast episodes for members only

Exclusive benefits can be the key incentive for fans to become members. Podcasters can easily post exclusive episodes on Spotify, Podigee or an audio RSS feed with Steady.

🚀 Read how to activate the audio RSS feed to publish exclusive episodes here. (Opens in a new window)

3. Create limited time offers with countdown plans

Whether you're just getting started with memberships or have been at it for a while, you can use promotions to attract new members. Countdown plans allow you to offer low priced memberships for a set amount of time.

 See how to activate countdown plans in this handy video: (Opens in a new window)

🚀 Find everything you need to know about countdown plans here (Opens in a new window)

4. Direct messages to your members

Missing that protected space to chat with your fans on socials? On Steady, you can use direct messaging to have 1:1 convos with your supporters. Why not try it out by sending a simple welcome message to new members? 

🚀 Learn how to use direct messages here. (Opens in a new window)

Need more support with these features? Then contact us at (Opens in a new window) 

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