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Introducing our 2022 banner design

Check out our latest custom made movie artwork

Take a look at the top of this site and you'll see the latest banner created by Portuguese artist Edgar Ascensão (we've been fans of his for a while). Ever since launching this Membership Page (Opens in a new window) for FirstShowing, our goal has been to feature many different artists designing the main banner image that is visible whenever clicking here. There are so many talented digital artists / designers out there, and each one has a unique style, meaning every new design will make this page feel different. This one from Edgar visualizes the FS slogan perfectly: "Connecting Hollywood with its Audience." The artwork should represent our love for movies and how magical they are, along with our mission as a website to excite and inspire you to continue to revel in cinema. It's fun to see all these beloved characters up there, too! Our first banner design was created by a Ukrainian artist named Liza Shumskaya based in Kyiv - view that artwork here (Opens in a new window).

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Edgar creates posters and other movie art - you can follow him on Twitter @edgar_ascensao (Opens in a new window) or on Instagram @edgar_asc (Opens in a new window). "Edgar wanted to participate in this world of the alternative movie posters with his own ideas and decided to immerse himself into the illustrated world, letting loose his imagination on the Trompe-l'oeil and in the double perception of imagery." I'm glad Edgar had the time to work on this, and I'm proud to present it and feature the banner on our membership page. Thank you for continuing to support FirstShowing (Opens in a new window) - its this kind of support that allows us to keep the servers running and hire designers like Edgar to create one-of-a-kind artwork. We'll see you at the movies!! And stay tuned for more recommendations here.

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