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by Alex Billington

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We love movies and we love going to movie theaters! Watching movies at the cinema is often a sacred, uplifting experience. (Opens in a new window) originally launched back in 2006 and has been a vital part of the movie blogging world ever since. Our focus has always been on the theatrical experience. remains an independently owned website - no one else manages the website or tells us what to post or what we can or cannot say. Times are tough for blogs these days, the ad world has changed quickly and in all honesty we've lost tons of our regular revenue - but we still keep on running because we are driven, because we need to keep that passion for cinema burning bright. We hope to continue bringing you updates on new releases, film festivals, all the good buzz, and everything else related to upcoming movies for years to come. Please support us and contribute as a member here to keep our servers running so we can continue to thrive and stay focused on what we love - going to the movies. Grab the popcorn 🍿 we'll meet you at the theater tonight. 📽️