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Albertina Williams King

It's been a busy few months and I've not been able to record, so this weekend I took a moment to grab my Ipad, my phone and disappear into one of my thinking spots to make this recording. 

In the recording I speak about the murder of Albertina King, mother of Martin Luther King, her youngest son Alfred King as well as touching on MK Ultra, Samuel L Jackson and funk guitarist Mike King (you'll have to listen to the recording to get that one.)

Because of the unstructured nature of the recording there are a few amendments and corrections I'd like to make.

  •   In one section I refer to Martin Luther King jr as "Daddy" King, I intended to say MLK Sr, but got a bit tongue tied.

Martin Luther King's siblings were:

  •  Christine King Farris (sister)  
  •  Alfred Daniel Williams King (brother)  
  •  Alveda King (niece) 

The others who died alongside Albertina during the shooting were:

  •  Edward Boykin 
  • Mrs. Jimmie Mitchell

May they rest in peace.

Some images and documents mentioned in the recording:

Birth Certificate of Marting Luther King 

Alfred King 

Whitey Bulger, victim of MK ultra 

And finally, you can listen to the recording at the link below: (Opens in a new window)

Thank you all for your continued love and support, 

Peace and Love,


Topic African American History
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