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Our stories, told our way - Stephanie’s post

Greetings all,

The lovely lady you see in the image above is Stephanie, who, alongside Ebi, Olu and Miracle, helps produce the content you see on social media.

Currently, our content schedule is:

Instagram (Opens in a new window), Twitter (Opens in a new window), Facebook (Opens in a new window) and Pinterest (Opens in a new window) have posts going out daily.

YouTube (Opens in a new window) has posts going out weekly.

The Podcast (Opens in a new window) has episodes going out on an Adhoc basis, with the goal being to release episodes monthly and more frequently as resources become available.

So if you are ever in need of Black History content, please check out and join our socials if you haven't already, as something is happening on each of the platforms regularly.

From now on, I'll be sharing elements of the Youtube content with you here four weeks before it goes out on general release.

The video attached to this post is the sad story of Frank Embree, which Stephanie researched and produced herself.

I've always viewed this as a community project, so I don't dictate the tone of content made by the team. My opinions are mine alone, and they have complete control over what they produce and how they express themselves.

Our stories told our way has been my motto since day one. Hearing the thoughts and opinions from others within African Diaspora is of vital importance to me hence the first team members being African women.

All the contributions you make here go towards covering essential running costs and ensuring that my team members and other contributors get a platform to be heard and get paid for sharing their voices and gifts.

My dream is to one day have representatives from the diaspora's full range sharing their histories and viewpoints and being financially compensated for doing so.

So thank you for joining our global village; thank you for the messages and the contributions; I hope you enjoy the content that's already here and what's to come.

Peace and blessings,


P.s if you are easily triggered, or not in a good place, you may want to leave watching this for another day. (Opens in a new window)

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