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Learn Black History

Learn Black History through social media posts, podcasts, and newsletters. Her-Story, His-Story, Our-Stories, Unhidden.
by King Kurus

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Welcome to the village 

The best stories are ones that teach us something about ourselves

The mission of the Black history Buff Podcast is to bring you hidden stories from black history.  We spend hours researching, writing and editing to craft stories that are equal parts education and entertainment; stories that leave you asking yourself “Why was I never told this before?”

With listeners in over 110 countries and 500,000 downloads to date, the show is filling a need for factual information that bridges generational and cultural divides.

By becoming a member of The Black History Buff community you’ll become part of a global conversation that’s helping to bring about positive change in the world. Together we can keep expanding our knowledge of history and sharing these amazing stories so that nobody will ever wonder, “Why was I never told this before?” - again! 

So thank you, for listening, for sharing and for joining us on our mission. 

Welcome to the village and I hope to see you soon.

King Kurus, The Black History Buff

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