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Interview with Bulgarian Scholar Bozhin Traykov:

Bozhin Traykov has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Alberta, Canada. His main research interests are the interrelation between the political economy of neoliberalism and anticommunism as ideology and political strategy and the new forms of anticommunist nationalism linked to the historical legacy of fascism. He also has a podcast, Polyphony of Dissent, in Bulgarian language, where he talks with sociologists, historians, political scientists and activists.



5:02 - Alyosha vs. Superman: Remembering the Past through the Ideological Lenses of the Present

11:35 - Jefferson and the Empire of Liberty; Frontier spirit; Exceptionalism; Manifest destiny

14:04 - Post-Socialist Blues Within Real Existing #Capitalism: Anti-Communism, Neoliberalisation, Fascism

20:15 - Former Communist Nomenklatura & (Neo-)Nazis turned Neoliberal

24:30 - NED, Action Plan for #Bulgaria, 

26:05 - William I. Robinson

37:00 - Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Kautsky - Theories of #Imperialism

46:15 - Holodomor genocide question: genocide or just crime or a result of natural factors?

53:20 - The narrative of Pan-Slavism

1:06:15 - John Joseph Mearsheimer

1:09:01 - Benevolent Dictatorship (Putin)?

1:15:00 - Chomsky, Gramsci and Malcom X - Foxes and Wolves

1:26:10 - Frantz Fanon

1:33:18 - Comparison with Hitler start with Manuel Noriega

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