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Hi! Das Internet ist immer noch großartig, dieses Jahr zu 90 Prozent rum und ich verschicke immer noch  alle paar Tage die Links, die mir helfen, die Zukunft etwas besser zu verstehen.


  • Inside your dreamscape: Dream-hacking techniques can help us create, heal and have fun. They could also become tools of commercial manipulation.
  • From The Anthropocene To The Microbiocene: »We humans still have not learned to think about ourselves in terms of the microbial — the viral — world of which we are a part.«
  • Critical Making is a handmade book project by Garnet Hertz that explores how hands-on productive work ‐ making ‐ can supplement and extend critical reflection on technology and society.
  • Why we need service literacy, now: »A decision is made that has an effect on people’s lives with no thought given to the impact of that decision, simply because the thing in question is a service.«
  • Assessing Big Tech’s Capture of the Internet’s Infrastructure: Who owns the vast physical infrastructure of the internet, and how is the user’s right to access content and the producer’s right to participate in the internet economy contingent on their interests?
  • 📖 What if Everything You Learned About Human History Is Wrong? »There’s a whole new picture of the human past and human possibility that seems to be coming into view. And it really doesn’t resemble in the slightest these very entrenched stories going around and around.«
  • What will the world look like in 2031? We’ve commissioned eight writers from across the globe to write short fiction that explores ... climate migration, climate change, digital identity projects, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 



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Das war Ausgabe #83 von THEFUTURE, dem Newsletter über das wilde Internet und die Zukunft der Medien von Ole Reißmann.

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