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In dieser Ausgabe von THEFUTURE: Drei Ideen für die Feiertage und das große Best-of der Rubrik »Internet Explorer«.

Du liest den meist wöchentlichen Newsletter mit den besten und interessantesten Links über das wilde Internet und die Zukunft der Medien. Schön, dass Du dabei bist!

Drei Ideen für die Feiertage

Best of Internet Explorer



  • See a satellite tonight: No telescope required. Click to search for viewing times at your location.
  • Find owls near me! Find owls that have been observed near you.
  • Real Life is a magazine about living with technology. The emphasis is more on living.
  • Godly: Astronomically good web design inspiration every single day.
  • Books Read By: What are the world’s most interesting people reading?
  • Gossip’s Web: The directory of handmade webpages
  • ⭐️ Sounds of the Forest: Creating a growing soundmap bringing together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands.
  • Sounds of Earth: A collection of ambient sounds of nature.
  • Cloud Index ist ein wachsendes Online-Archiv, das Wolkenbilder von Orten fossiler Verbrennung sammelt und präsentiert.
  • ThanAverage is a small unscientific investigation into how we value and compare ourselves to each other.
  • The Hive Index: The internet is full of beautiful communities.
  • Weird Spy Satellite Imagery. A speculative surveillance bot.
  • Travel Remotely: Walking around, taking in sights, and listening to music.


  • Needledrop: Ein Plattenspieler für YouTube-Musik.
  • Homesick Sounds: Play any combination of these sounds to bring the comfort, and discomfort, of working from home.
  • lofi.cafe: Lofi music streams for studying, working and relaxing.
  • Harmony of the Spheres is a digital musical instrument which revisits the age.old relationship between music and the cosmos.
  • My90sTV
  • Weird Spot.fyi: Enter a sentence. Get a playlist.
  • ⭐️ Server Room Noise Generator: Close your eyes. You are surrounded by the electronic brains of the modern world.

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Bis nächstes Jahr!

Das war Ausgabe #87 von THEFUTURE, dem Newsletter über das wilde Internet und die Zukunft der Medien von Ole Reißmann.

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