Die Zeit der Listen, der Rückblicke, der Vorschauen ist gekommen – und THEFUTURE lässt sich davon gerne mitreißen. 

Dieses Woche: Was die Innovationsbereiche der Süddeutschen künftig beschäftigt und worauf die Businessweek-Redaktion dieses Jahr neidisch war. Außerdem viel Spaß mit Blockchains und falsche Vögel. Viel Spaß!


  • Was formt die Zukunft des Journalismus? Fünf Entwicklungen und die dazugehörigen Begriffe, die das neue Jahr prägen werden – garantiert ohne Hypes. Vom Innovationsbereich der Süddeutschen Zeitung a.k.a. Dirk von Gehlen und Johannes Klingebiel.
  • NiemanLab Predictions for 2022: Each year, we ask some of the smartest people in journalism and media what they think is coming in the next 12 months. At the end of a trying 2021, here’s what they had to say.
  • Businessweek's 2021 Jealousy List: We read—a lot. We also listen to podcasts and watch a ton of stuff (often with borrowed passwords). Sometimes we read, watch, or listen to something that we wish we had published. To recognize a job well done, the magazine’s staff and many of our contributors in the Bloomberg newsroom have compiled our annual yearend Jealousy List. Congratulations to those on this year’s list, we hate/love you.
  • First look: Inside The New York Times' audio app.
  • The Oral History of Apartamento: The inside story of everyone's favorite interiors magazine.


  • Birds Aren’t Real, or Are They? Inside a Gen Z Conspiracy Theory. Taylor Lorenz ist eigentlich noch freigestellt für ihr Buchprojekt, ist aber zum Glück für diese Geschichte kurz aufgetaucht: »Peter McIndoe, the 23-year-old creator of the viral Birds Aren’t Real movement, is ready to reveal what the effort is really about.«
  • We Eat at The Worst Michelin Starred Restaurant, Ever: »It was just dinner theater. No, scratch that. Because dinner was not involved.«
  • When asked for comment, a Bros' rep responded with the following extremely on-brand »Declaration by Chef Floriano Pellegrino,« which we are reprinting in its entirety.
  • What Comes Next for an Artist Whose Work Goes Viral? With the animated video series »2 Lizards,« Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki captured the essence of 2020. Now, Bennani’s at work on a documentary about living in limbo.
  • »Indie Sleaze« and »Internet Awesomesauce«: Meet the woman schooling TikTok on niche aesthetics. Melina Bee is the internet’s historical microaesthetics whisperer.
  • Millions of Followers? For Book Sales, »It’s Unreliable.« Social-media fandom can help authors score book deals and bigger advances, but does it translate to how a new title will sell? Publishers are increasingly skeptical.
  • I’m the TikTok Couch Guy. Here’s What It Was Like Being Investigated on the Internet.
  • Weekly Filet Gem Shuffle: Scroll, search, shuffle. Just updated the archive. It now contains 1911 gems from the past 10+ years. If you ever need something great to read, watch, listen to, I've got you covered.



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