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---------------------- OCTOBER 2019

#22 One man theatre |07.10.19|

The story of Adolfo Assor and his one man theatre. Adolfo arrived from Pinochet’s Chile to the Berlin of the cold war and founded “Garn Theater”, a room theatre that has become the home of his numerous one-man shows for the last 33 years.

#23 Conscious Dance Festival |14.10.19|

The story of the “Conscious Dance Festival”, that was born from the desire to use movement as a path towards meditation. Dhyana Vargas, one of its founders, shares her passion about dance and how she started using dance as meditation in her own practise. She later conceived the “Conscious Dance Festival” as a space for creativity, silence and joy and as a deep journey into one’s body and inner being.

#24 The art of clowning |21.10.19|

The story Antonio Villella, also known as “Willy The Clown”. Theatre maker and educator, Antonio shares his teachings about clowning : the binary nature of the clown, both human and divine, the conflict within him, the act of “metamorphosis” and the total surrender to the game. He also shares his personal trajectory towards becoming Willy.

#25 The best jazz club in town |28.10.19|

In the lively Neukölln district, on the ground floor of a building that was bombed in the war, one will find Donau115, a tiny jazz club with wildly original music, donation-based entrance and first class musicians from around the jazz world. A hidden pearl in the city of Berlin.