---------------------- AUGUST 2019

E p i s o d e s

#13 Another Country |05.08.19|

Running for 20 years in July 2019, “Another Country” is an English Language Second Hand Bookshop, which is mostly used as a library. It is the oldest English bookshop in Berlin, with over 25.000 books.

Described by the Lonely Planet as one of the 10 top bookshops in the world, “Another Country” is a unique place that ensembles all kind of book lovers in Berlin and welcomes free speaking, liberal thinking and, above all, reading! The story of this fascinating bookshop, told by its owner, Sophie Raphaeline, coupled with some funny and strange incidents that took place there - some of these incidents seem as if coming out of a science fiction book, like the ones Sophie keeps in the basement.

#14 A rocket scientist in Berlin |12.08.19|

The story of Eivind, a space aficionado, and his involvement with “Copenhagen Suborbitals”, the world's only manned, amateur space program. How Eivind changed his life to become a rocket scientist and how he founded his space technology start-up “Orbital Machines”. His wildest dreams and future vision, involving humans flying around with spaceships and inhabiting other planets.

#15 Restlos Glücklich // Happily Wasted |19.08.19|

RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH is a Berlin association that fights food waste. Through education projects, cooking courses and community dinners, they wish to enhance consciousness and appreciation about food. They cook tasty meals with surplus food, inspire children to become “food rescuers” and encourage everyone to reduce food waste in creative ways.

#16 Floristaurant |26.08.19|

The story of Marisa, a Portuguese visual artist based in Berlin, who has being developing sensorial artistic projects involving edible flower sculptures that the spectators are invited to contemplate, smell and taste. In Floristaurant, one of her projects, knowledge about plants and flowers accumulates and serves to illustrate how is limited the variety of foods we consume in our modern Western diet.

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