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Rings of Power - is it good?

Already in the run-up, the Amazon series - The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, has caused a lot of excitement. If you trace the matter back, the whole trouble ignites at pictures, which it somehow accidentally or quite planned, got into the net. Pictures of dark-skinned elves and dwarf women. Naturally, all right-wing or racist influencers have used this information to create a mood against the series. But also quite a few hardcore fans immediately ran up a storm against the devilAmazon, which dared to alienate the sacred lore of Tolkien.

What does The Rings of Power do right? 

There are opulent images. The music is great. The dwarves have been given a musical theme, which has gone very much out of fashion lately. The actors are good. I take the roles from them. The editing is also really good. Especially in Galdriel's show fight with some youngsters. A successful scene of choreography and perfect editing.

But does all that make for a good series?

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