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Kirprenses About - Orient in Okzident

Music, Art, Poetry and soon a little bit of NFT.
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Hi :-) and welcome. Since you already made it here, let me  tell you something about me and my Purpose with this Project. 

I am a Mother, Musician and Designer based in Germany rooted in Turkey.  This  Project is mainly about Art. Art means for me not just painting. 

The Power of I:

I  still see Art universal. 

I hate beeing put in a "Drawer". 

I know, all  Algorithms love kinda "Drawers" and Categories, but 

I am Human and 

I  don't like em too much. 

They take my Freedom away, so simple is that. 

But still let me break it down for you what I am into and this Channel: 

I am a SingerSongwriter on Bassguitar, which means 

I am into Music. 

I am writing Poems in German, Turkish and English, which means 

I am  probably a Poet. 

I am into health and wellbeeing and love sharing it with the People  around me, which means 

I am a Yogini.   

For more Info your welcome to check on my Linktree :-)  


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