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Invitation to find out more about our campaigns for EU Citizens in UK and Britons abroad

Thank you for your support for New Europeans and the work we do to safeguard the rights of EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad.

We are the only organisation working to secure both the rights of EU citizens in the UK and the rights of Britons in Europe, and the only organisation that has been doing so since 2013.

This is more important than ever because both Britons abroad and EU Citizens in the UK lack voice and political representation.

This is why we are campaigning to get out the EU citizens vote in the local elections and secure overseas constituencies for Britons abroad.

Kate Willoughby launching our #GetOutTheVote (Öffnet in neuem Fenster) campaign

Why does this matter?

Life has become much more complicated for EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad since the UK left the EU. 

  • Too many EU citizens in the UK and Britons in the EU still struggle to secure their basic rights to continue to reside in the place they have chosen to call home.

  • Too many issues are unresolved, particularly in relation to the rights of partners and family members.

  • Too many have been left without a vote and therefore without a voice.

Else Kvist at her local polling station after being denied a vote in the last European Parliament elections

Our campaigns address these concerns by powering up the political representation of EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad.

In 2019 you helped us expose the VoteDenied scandal - 1.6m EU citizens in the UK were disenfranchised in the UK from the European elections.

In 2023, you helped secure the abolition of the rule which banned British citizens resident abroad for 15 years or more from voting in UK elections.

Now we need your help to mobilise EU citizens to vote in the local elections in the UK on 2 May and the European elections in June.

Beyond this we are campaigning to stop the government disenfranchising EU citizens from future local elections if there is no reciprocal agreement in place.

We also need to make sure that Britons in the EU register and vote for the general election expected later this year.

We are also campaigning with Unlock Democracy to secure overseas constituencies so that MPs can be elected to represent Britons abroad.

Roger Casale and Harry Shindler MBE (2021)

Invitation to meet with Roger Casale and our Campaign Team

If you would like to know more about our campaigns, find out how you can get involved and/or give us your feedback and ideas, please get in touch.

Our Founder and CEO, Roger Casale, former MP and award-winning civil rights activist and our campaign team would be delighted to meet with you.

We will be sending you an invitation to briefing meetings under separate cover. If you would like to contact us directly, please email | gotv@neweuropeans.uk

In the meantime, please consider chipping in to the campaign through our crowdfunder.

Every penny makes a difference and helps us to:

  • work with EU citizens’ community groups in the UK and Britons abroad

  • raise the media profiles of our campaigns for EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad 

  • organise cross-party meetings in the House of Commons

  • produce information leaflets in many different languages

  • write to MPs and attending party conferences

With your help, we can reach more EU citizens in the UK and more Britons abroad. We can speak to more communities, lobby more MPs and further raise the profile of these key issues in the media.

We believe that every voice matters and that every vote should be made to count and from your support for our campaigns we know you feel the same.

We look forward to hearing from you and we thank you in advance for anything you can continue to do to support our campaigns.

With best regards

Else Kvist
Head of Campaigns
New Europeans UK

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