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Great Question

Monday, 11th of September 2023  

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Lately, “best advices” encounter me everywhere.

The other week, a New Yorker vendor shared hers with me, that came from her best friend 20 years ago:

“There is no wrong decision. You just have to make a decision and make it the right decision.”

It gave me peace in an anxious moment. How does it resonate with you?

One of the best pieces of advices I have ever received, came from my Dad, also 20 years ago:

“Don’t do a job for money, do it because you are passionate about it. Money will come naturally.”

It is the reason why I do what I love and love what I do. Every day. It never feels like work. Do you love what you do?

The President of the United States Joe Biden shared his best life advice on a podcast with Jay Shetty:  

“The best advice I have ever received is show up. Just show up. Be there and get up.”

It inspired me to fly in for my friend’s wedding, although it was in Switzerland- far away, expensive, I missed out on some job opportunities etc.  But it was a once in a lifetime event that cannot be made up for, so I decided “to show up and be there” no matter what. When was the last time you decided to show up despite difficult circumstances and how did it make you and others feel?

Sharing: What is the best advice you have ever received and how does it help you in your life? Would love to make a little collection, so that everyone could learn from it and get inspired.

Until next week,


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