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Great Question

Monday, 18th of September 2023  

Introducing you to the power of asking questions one Great Question at a time.

Are you climbing the right mountain?

This picture was taken in the Valais, the French part of Switzerland, where my friend and I were hiking around the beautiful towns of Evolène, La Sage, La Forclaz and Ferpecle. The question and the picture are my invite for you to have a closer look at your mountain. Your family/work/relationship/health related challenges, a project you are working on, a health issue you are facing, a new job assignment, an important decision you have to make. Pause, look at “your mountain” and ask yourself how you want to climb it or if you want to climb it at all. Now that your mountain appears in front of you, closer than ever before:

  • Has it looked bigger or smaller from the distance?

  • What does it mean for your climb?

  • Do you have to change your climbing strategy or direction?

  • Do you need to readjust your tools, even your skill set, ask for help, change the travelling companion?

  • Maybe you realize that this isn’t the mountain you want to climb anymore?

  • Or do you feel that this is all you have ever wanted and the climb all of a sudden feels like a stroll in the park?

No matter at which point you are, no matter how hard the climb will be, don’t forget to enjoy the view!

Happy Hiking,




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