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Mediation for Peace from Assisi

Photo: World Upshift board members Lady Mohini Kent Noon, Justina Mutale (left), Maria Antinori and Roger Casale (right) with Kirtani and Anand Nayaswami from Ananda Europe (centre), 1 December 2023.

Our dear friends Ananda Europe warmly invite us to join them live for their traditional Christmas-time meditation from the Ananda Temple in Assisi.

Chanting, music, and inspirational recordings carry you along. It’s not difficult, even for beginners. The more people who come to meditate together, the stronger the support for deep meditation for peace will be. 

World Upshift is taking part as part of our Worldwide Meditation for Peace (Opens in a new window) initiative which we launched in Assisi on 1 December 2023 (see above)

Hummingbird Members (Opens in a new window) are able to join the meditation in Assisi directly via Zoom - please look out for an email from us with the link.

To see the full programme for the Assisi event | Click here (Opens in a new window).

Event time for your time zone:

9am - 5pm Central European Time (Assisi)

Midnight - 8am Pacific Time (San Diego)

3am - 11am Eastern Time (Boston)

12:30pm- 20:30pm India Standard Time (Delhi)

To watch the meditation in real time click here | Ananda Live (Opens in a new window)


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