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Join us for the Solstice of Peace - celebrating the return of the light

On 21-22 December, the Solstice Peace Project (a partner organisation of World Upshift Forum) invites us to celebrate the Winter Solstice, by prompting linked actions worldwide that encourage peace.

As Michael Macy, project coordinator explains:

“There is a heaviness touching the hearts of people worldwide.  It is not just the wars in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It’s because we are connected on so many different levels and feel each other’s distress deeply.

We can lighten the world’s burden by praying for peace and performing actions – both symbolic and substantial in their hopefulness – to promote peace.

We can emphasise the power of peace by focusing on peace and amplifying its impact by coming together to call for peace.”

The project resonates strongly with our call from Assisi (Opens in a new window)on 1 December for a Worldwide Meditation for Peace and we are delighted to support this initiative.

On the night of 21-22 December, we invite you to meditate for peace and/or to place a candle in your window to support the Solstice Peace Project (Opens in a new window).

On 22 December we will lead a meditation for peace from Piazza del Popolo (Opens in a new window)in Rome. Join us in a short mediation to welcome back the light wherever you are.

To find out more and join the celebration click here | Solstice Meditation (Opens in a new window)


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