A life with purpose, profit and filled with energy is not only possible, but necessary. Transition is a process to get there.
by Felipe Duarte
Plan 1 out of 1: Florian's Plan
84 € per month
billed monthly
Plan 1 out of 1: Florian's Plan
84 € per month
billed monthly

So far 1 member supports Visual Quest

A group of up to 25 creators will work collectively or separately on Grant / Residency / Funding proposals. 

The process will involve each step - from conceptualising and developing a project, finding partners, targeting of funding sources, writing and improving on the proposals and submitting them. 

The process starts June 2019, and will go on for at least 4 months and as long as the participant might need. This edition has flexible on board and off board - given that it serves the user specific needs. 

Maintenance costs of 95 euro monthly include: 

- Access to all Transition Episodes, containing the assignments, frameworks, references and provocations for each 'week' of Transition. (15 episodes) 

- Weekly group coaching call: Assessment and collective critique on your individual progress relating to the our projects and the personal transition process. 

You will learn (at least): 

- How to manage your energy and motivation at the most challenging moments of creative projects and leverage the whole depth of your personality as an energy source.

- How to prioritise tasks, set goals, accept compromises, avoid traps and pitfalls to get things done with less hustle. 

- How to work remotely, communicate your work, negotiate creative goals in a group.

Any Questions or comments? You can see the full episode list here and interact!

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