by Felipe Duarte

A life with purpose, profit and filled with energy is not only possible, but necessary. Transition is a process to get there.

Attention: activate your subscription from December 1st. 

A group of up to 20 creators will work on a collective exhibition that will open on the 5th of April in Neukölln, Berlin in the Galerie KungerKiez.

The process starts December 2018, right before Christmas and we will be together until April! The exhibition will be the culmination of our collective creative process that you will sign up for.

Maintenance costs of 65 euro monthly include: 

- A weekly video class download that contains the assignments, frameworks, references and provocations for each week of Transition. (15 episodes) 

- Weekly group coaching call: Assessment and collective critique on your individual progress relating to the final exhibition and the personal transition process. 

- Show set up and Gallery Fee + Videoconferencing service subscription

 You will learn (at least): 

- How to manage your energy and motivation at the most challenging moments of creative projects and leverage the whole depth of your personality as an energy source.

- How to prioritise tasks, set goals, accept compromises, avoid traps and pitfalls to get things done with less hustle. 

- How to work remotely, communicate your work, negotiate creative goals in a group.

Any Questions or comments? You can see the full episode list here and interact!

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