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Ready to get your hands dirty?

Dear Creatrix,

How are you today?

Have you had a successful and joyful last week?

I always find it incredible to see how much can actually happen in a week.

How much more I know today, than I just did a week ago. How quickly my plants grow. How much work I got done. How beautiful it is to wake up with the sun again.

Life is quite fascinating and ever-changing if we watch it carefully.

And there’s always so much more to discover.

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Is there anything special that caught your attention this past week?

We successfully closed the Self-Actualization chapter (Opens in a new window) of the CREATRIX School (Opens in a new window) with some thoughts about how to handle rejection well, a review and a few more ideas of how to take our lofty aspirations even higher.

Because the only things we can’t do, are the things we don’t allow ourselves to do, by not even daring to imagine them.

Do you limit yourself and your imagination in any way?

Why? :) And would it be worth seeing if you can change that?

But of course, whenever we dream big, we also have to make sure we keep our feet on the ground, or our hands in the dirt and stay true to who we are.

And to help with that, I would like to invite you on a journey today, that I’ve been on for a while now. A sourdough journey.

I can’t even say why - there’s really nothing I find as satisfying as taking a whole loaf of bread out of the oven and feeling, smelling and tasting it.

Somehow, it gives me an incredible feeling of independence.

If I can make my own bread just from flour and water, I know I won’t starve, as long as I’m free to roam.

Very similar to being stranded in the Egyptian desert and making fire by rubbing wood together. I was really surprised that it actually worked.

And I’m still surprised about every perfect and tasty bread that comes out of my oven.

I think it gives us a lot of confidence when we have these life skills.

So, if this is something you’d like to try for yourself, then I invite you to start baking your own bread as well.

And it really is a journey, like everything in life, so let’s make it a joyful one and not give up if it doesn’t work out right away!

(Though I think the instructions are quite foolproof)

If you are already baking your own bread, I’d love to hear about your experiences and maybe your favourite recipe as well. There’s an option to leave a comment on the website for that.

Recipe: Sourdough Starter & Bread (Opens in a new window)

Next week I’ll be working on some new articles about the Wheel of Colours (Opens in a new window) and then on March 11th, we will open the Community chapter (Opens in a new window) and begin to think about how we can form lasting, thriving and growing communities, what it takes to work together for a common goal and how we can best use our unique abilities for the greater good, without burning out.

If you’d like, you can read the introduction (Opens in a new window) to this new and exciting chapter on my website, and of course, you are very much invited to join.

Here’s what we did this week:

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How to Handle Rejection Well

Nothing happens in a vacuum. If we want to succeed on a personal, community or even larger level, we have to collaborate with other people. But not everyone may be ready for our ideas or the right person for us to work with.

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What Have we Learned this Month?

What a month it’s been. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve looked at and learned this month. What was your most important discovery?

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What Would Your Qu_ing-Self Do?

It’s all about integration! Let’s have a look at how we can integrate what we’ve learned this month into our highest-self or qu_ing-self, so we can use our new knowledge most effectively.

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I wish you a very joyful week, and I’d love to hear about your bread baking experiences!

Send you love ❤️

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