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Learn how to be a 🐯CREATRIX & make all YOUR ✨dreams come true - find ✦clarity, ✦confidence & ✦connection for all areas of your life.
by Verena

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Are you a CREATRIX?

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite belong? 

That you’re somehow different from the rest of the people around you?

That there’s a yearning deep down, a knowing, that you are capable of  more? 

And while you know you are talented and can achieve a lot, you don't quite feel like you've arrived where you are meant to be, and like you are appreciated by the world for who you truly are?

🐯  Then you are a CREATRIX. And it’s time to start living it.

I, too, felt this way as long as I can remember. And I didn’t know why.

I had friends, a partner, a rewarding job. I was an artist, an activist and created real change.

Yet, I also felt lonely, uncertain, sometimes hopeless and often stressed.

No matter what or how much I did, it never felt completely right or like I had arrived.

Something was always missing.

💪🏽 But I'm not one to give up, and I have a feeling that neither are you.

True belonging, a deep sense of love and connection are possible, if we allow ourselves to open up to it. 💖

► If you'd like to (re)discover the connection within you to all that is alive and that can help to guide you, the confidence to be who you truly are and the clarity to design a life that meets all your needs and even enables you to make all your wildest dreams come true - then this is for you.

I founded the CREATRIX School to share with you, all you will need to become the CREATRIX of YOUR life and begin to live a life that allows you to express yourself fully (and feel seen and valued) and to uncover and use your unique gifts to shape and fill out your unique place in this world - and with that feel like you can just be you and allow all that you wish for - to come to you.

🌱 You already have all it takes. It's time to step into your full power and become all you can and want to be.


Then come on in. You can join for free for 30 days to see if this is the right course for you and to find out if you are really ready to live a self-determined and free life - opening up to more possibility, more joy, more love and more success - in your private life & business.

✨ Let's make all our dreams come true!

I can't wait to meet you. ❤️