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Join me in my Steady Adventure

Welcome, welcome, thrice welcome!

It is an absolute pleasure having you here - thank you for visiting my crowdfunding space here with Steady (Opens in a new window).

I’d like to show you a little what you may expect from it and what you will get if you decide to join me in My Steady Adventure. 🥳

First, do have a quick look at my latest appearance with Alan Sisto’s Fandom Friday (Alan of the Prancing Pony Podcast (Opens in a new window)’s fame, of course.) (Opens in a new window)

Now, you may have seen my slogan here or elsewhere:

Marcel R. Bülles is creating reports, reviews & rants on all things Tolkien as well as hosting the free bi-weekly newsletter, "The Roving Ranger".

Well, there is actually quite more to it!

Right now I am working on a few other things but do check back from time to time - there is more to come.

All the best from Jena,


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