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creating reports, reviews & rants on all things Tolkien as well as hosting the free bi-weekly newsletter, "The Roving Ranger".
by Marcel R. Bülles

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My name is Marcel R. Bülles, the author of, a specialist blog centering on worldwide Tolkien fandom, geekdom and research. I work as a freelance translator, journalist and writer and I am the founder of the German Tolkien Society as well as a co-founder to RingCon, Europe's formerly biggest fantasy film convention, which continues to this day as MagicCon. 

You can find me in cafés all over the world sipping an espresso blogging, writing, reading. At one point I was married to an extremely lovely French lady by the nickname of Sauron. Yes, that Sauron. I am also active with the International Tolkien Fellowship on Facebook and the Tolkien Folk on Instagram and have also (co-) founded half a dozen smials and the two Tolkien university groups Germany has ever had. I usually try to be a member of at least three to four Tolkien societies 😄

Basically, I simply love bringing people together who share my appreciation for J.R.R. Tolkien's life and works whenever and wherever I can. 

And you can help me do even more by becoming a member in this Steady Adventure! 🥳

You'll get access to reviews, reports and rants on all things Tolkien & fantasy from my twenty-five+ years of Middle-earth experience and  the latest news on all that is happening on J.R.R. Tolkien with literary  societies, fan clubs, social media and more. 

Maybe even a podcast or two, who knows! 

The first is Asleep in Arda, reading out the entries published on the leading Tolkien wiki on the internet, Tolkien Gateway. Enjoy!