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Gift The Shift!

Got some last minute Christmas shopping issues? Look no further

Apologies if this is the 900th "Last Minute Christmas Gifting" email to land in your inbox this week, BUT...

Want a gift that won't find its way to landfill? Did you know you can gift a The Shift membership? Choose between a monthly or annual membership, and throw in added bookclub if you're treating a bookish friend or sibling. They'll get instant unlocked access to all The Shift content, catch up with the bookclub lives from 2022, as well as weekly newsletters, access to exclusive offers and early-bird tickets, as well as being part of our community.

Click the link below to choose your gift membership.*

*And if you'd like me to send them a card welcoming them to The Shift, email me at with their name and address. (Unfortunately the card won't arrive before Christmas now, but it's the thought that counts!)