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What's got my attention this week

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Helena Bonham-Carter as Noelle Gordon (star of Crossroads, remember that? No? Oh... well) in Nolly coming to ITVx this week

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Helena Bonham Carter: (Opens in a new window) "I've got so many issues, but as you get older you go 'whatever'..."
• Why's it so tough to admit to being an adult with an eating disorder (Opens in a new window)?
• How to make friends (Opens in a new window) and escape loneliness.
Whose cervix are you calling incompetent?! (Opens in a new window)
Wynonna Judd (Opens in a new window) on life after her mother's death.
Fancy being 18 again? (Opens in a new window) Yours for only $2million!
• And on the subject of ageing, we could all learn a lot from dolphins (Opens in a new window).
• Love this by Annie Macmanus on our complicated relationship with working out (Opens in a new window).
• The menopause conversation has finally caught light on the other side of the Atlantic. This well-researched piece from The New York Times (Opens in a new window) is worth a read.

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