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February bookclub reveal!

This month's pick is a gripping, emotionally resonant novel based on a true crime

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Hands up, I'm a big fan of Emma Flint. Her debut, Little Deaths, was longlisted for the Women's Prize the year I was a judge and TBF if I'd had my way it would have been shortlisted too. (If I'm allowed to say that? I suspect I'm not. Ah well.) Anyhow, Flint excels at taking historical true crimes and turning them into emotionally resonant, psychologically astute literary thrillers that are just as pertinent today.

Where Little Deaths told the story of the deaths of two young children in one sweltering New York summer, the suspicion placed on their not-societally-perfect mother and the expectations placed on women in the 1960s (based on the true case of Alice Crimmins), Other Women turns its attention to a case that's more than a century old, that of Emma Kaye. 

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