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What's got my attention this week?

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Olympic athlete Kelly Holmes came out as gay this week, aged 52. She said she could "finally breathe"

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• My Best Friend's Wedding is 25! Here's why it's genius (Opens in a new window).
The lost art of letter writing. (Opens in a new window)
• Anne Helen Petersen makes a very good case for taking a lunch hour (Opens in a new window).
• Why it's time to rewrite the stories you tell about yourself (Opens in a new window).
• Confessions of a luxury beach resort refusenik (Opens in a new window) (by one of my all-time favourite novelists, Lauren Groff!)
• This essay about the insidious nature of "the silent treatment" (Opens in a new window)is really thought-provoking.

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