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What's got my attention this week

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Alex Scott wearing the OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar, after FIFA threatened to punish any players who did (and so they didn't...)

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How to be grateful in a screwed up world. (Opens in a new window)
• Why do we have to binge to celebrate (Opens in a new window)?
• A moving (and triggering) piece by Ondi Tominer, who helped her father end his own life. (Opens in a new window)
• I'm in my 50s and I never want to have sex again. (Opens in a new window)
• Regular readers know I'm a massive fan of Katherine (Wintering) May and I loved this piece on "returning to your trees" (Opens in a new window), the Welsh phrase Dod yn ôl at fy nghoed that basically means taking time out. I'm sure we all need a bit of that right now. Also, bookclub members, don't forget we have our live event with Katherine to talk about Wintering and get a sneak preview of her new book Enchanted on Tuesday at 8pm. I'll send a link over the weekend.
Quality leisure (Opens in a new window) is a thing. Guess who gets it?!
• More Paulina Porzikova: this time on the dark side of teenagers selling anti-wrinkle creams. (Opens in a new window)
Can a piece of tape really help you sleep? (Opens in a new window) (Please tell me I'm not the only person who finds this deeply freaky!)

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