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What's got my attention this week

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Michelle Obama may have given up on her arms, but she looks 🔥🔥🔥 to me on her US book tour

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Michelle Obama on self-doubt (Opens in a new window), ageing, menopause and why she can't be bothered to maintain "Michelle Obama arms".
The gamification of life (Opens in a new window) is a bit of a problem.
• LA appoints its first female mayor (Opens in a new window) – Karen Bass.
• Forget hygge, it's all about kurashi (Opens in a new window).
Is fashion going backwards (Opens in a new window) when it comes to body diversity? (The question should probably be, did it ever go forwards...?)
• Ageing is a fact of life (if we're lucky), not a trend (Opens in a new window). Well said, Poorna Bell.
• A few of my favourite pieces about the auction of Joan Didion's possessions, for fellow Didion fan-girls: style was the essence (Opens in a new window) of Joan Didion; I went to see Joan Didion's things (Opens in a new window) and it changed me forever (not me, the writer); Christine Barbereich also went and took some nicely voyeuristic pictures (Opens in a new window). And, if you missed yesterday's newsletter, here's me on trying to pack à la Didion (Opens in a new window).

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