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March bookclub reveal!

Lovers of psychological thrillers are in for a treat. AND don't forget our bookclub live online with Emma Flint, Thursday 16th at 7pm

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If you're a fan of a good, twisty, edge of your seat, I-have-no-clue-who's-telling-the-truth psychological thriller, you are in the best possible hands with this month's bookclub pick: The Only Suspect by the queen of the twistiest thrillers of all, Louise Candlish.

Louise has written 15 novels, but she really broke into the bestseller lists when she turned her hand to psychological thrillers with Our House (Opens in a new window), and proved herself a genius at not just the most complicated series of twists I think I've ever read, but nailing the nasty little idiosyncrasies that lie behind many a suburban front door and how NIMBY can make monsters of us all. 

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