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Regional sensitivities to the consequences of the war in Ukraine

April 2022

The war in Ukraine will affect local and regional development beyond Ukraine. In the framework of a study for the European Committee of the Regions, we are currently analysing how the war might affect cohesion in the EU. In this blog post we share first reflections and invite for comments and discussions which may help to better understand the implications the war may have for local and regional development – being well aware that there are considerable uncertainty about how our new realities will look like in the years to come.

To start with, we certainly acknowledge that any consequences on local and regional development in EU member states are neglectable compared to the consequences in Ukraine. To underline this, we have opted for a single exposure indicator: Having the act of war and armed fights ongoing in one´s own territory or not. This means only Ukraine is directly exposed, whereas all EU member states are indirectly exposed to the war.

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