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A deep, multifaceted and hopefully ongoing love letter to the German capital...
by STB Editorial

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Over the past decade, we—an international team of writers, editors, photographers, designers, programmers and tour guides that call the German capital home—channeled as much of our passion for the city as we could into the Slow Travel Berlin project. Through articles, essays, workshops, tours, books and events, we have been committed to profiling the city in all its glorious diversity, from its rich and troubled history to its vibrant present as one of the most open, inclusive, tolerant, creative and unique urban centres in Europe.

After a series of unfortunate events (the gory details of which you can read more about in our first post on Steady below), we were forced to stop work in 2016. But over the past years, I've thought long and hard about whether to get the site going again, and in the meantime have been slowly re-editing our 500+ articles to get them up to date for 2020.

So those articles are there and free to read for all. But the only way we can move forward and create new content is if we have some kind of budget. Since I am still very much in favour of remaining independent (i.e. not beholden to investors, advertisers or funders), as well as a pleasant reading environment for our web content, the only viable option is to appeal to you, our readers.

If you value what we do, and especially if you have enjoyed all our free content over the years, I would like you to consider helping us get back to what we do best: engaging, informative and practical content across a wide range of themes from architecture, social issues and sustainable culture, food stories, art happenings and local history.

There isn't really a limit to what we can achieve with some financial support, and you can rest assured that whatever we do will always support the same values we have always loved and believed in—Berlin as a city of openness, tolerance, diversity, and community.

Let's see what we can build together?

Paul Sullivan

Slow Travel Berlin Founder