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We make space for Black creatives & creatives of colour to work towards justice – in print, online and IRL.
by Skin Deep team

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Hi, we're Skin Deep :)

We're an arts collective and community interest company (CIC) dedicated to building capacity for Black creatives and creatives of colour to think beyond crisis and survival, and dream of just futures. Since 2014 we have been hosting immersive live events and creative workshops, publishing thoughtful online storytelling, and producing bold and beautiful print magazines. We work with Black and POC artists, activists and audiences in the UK and across the globe. 

Our work is collaborative, original, non-reactive, and hopeful. We celebrate joy and dreaming. Our goal is long-term structural change for our communities. If that sounds like a bit of you, join us!

Our members help us keep working.

We want to create radical, nurturing spaces that affirm the artists we work with, and never reproduce the extractive systems we are trying to dismantle. We believe this work is important – and many of the artists we have collaborated with over the years agree. 

But working that way isn't cheap. Extra support from members like you means we can focus more of our time on supporting Black and POC creatives, rather than always chasing the next pot of funding. Membership can also help us grow the organisation – that means making ever more ambitious work, and redistributing more resources into the hands of our amazing contributors and collaborators.

In return, members get perks!

You'll notice that each of our membership plans – Classic, Extra, The Most – includes the same perks. We don't think it's right to reward those who can afford to pay more and penalise those who can't, so everybody gets the same – you just pay what you can.

All members will receive our lovingly curated monthly newsletter, the print magazine delivered to your door, and great deals on a whole range of events – like priority booking to our much-loved Sonic Transmissions live listening sessions, or free tickets to talks and workshops with our favourite filmmakers, artists, writers and musicians.

One more thing...

Times are tough, we know that. If you can't afford membership, don't worry – you can always support Skin Deep by simply reading, watching, participating in and sharing our work. That all means the world to us.

And we are forever committed to making our work accessible to all, which means that our online stories will never sit behind a paywall, there will always be concession tickets to events for those who need them, and our magazines will always be just ridiculously underpriced for how dope they are.

If you can't become a member right now, but you want to stay in touch, sign up to our free newsletter.

Important info for Plus One membership !

If you want your copies of Is This The End? delivered before Christmas, the deadline to sign up is the 15th December! We are a small team and we package/post everything ourselves, so to make that task manageable, all these orders will be sent out in one batch.

(You can still buy Plus One membership as a gift right up until 24th December, but if you sign up after the 15th, your copies of Is This The End? will be posted out to you after Christmas.)

If you want to get your guest's copy of Is This The End? delivered to you instead (so you can wrap it up and give it to them in person), please get in touch through Steady and let us know! Sign in to Steady and you can send us a message (or get in touch on Twitter / Insta if you're having trouble).

Once you've signed up for Plus One, setting up your guest member is easy! Here's a walkthrough guide. Note: your guest will get an email when you set them up, something to be aware of if you want it to be a surprise! You can sign up for Plus One membership whenever, then wait to add your guest to your account until the day you want them to get the email.

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