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WOFI - DEVELOPERS TALK 14.3.23 / SequencerTalk

Wofi can't wait to see you! 😜 

Romain GIANNETTI the founder of Kiviak Instruments is our guest in our Live Talk and will answers your questions about the cute new Wofi Synthesizer.

Packed with interesting features and a lot of love! 

KIVIAK Instruments is a french company and prat of KIVIAK Technologies (Opens in a new window)

14th March - Talk with us 20:30pm (CET) live on YouTube and Twitch (Opens in a new window)

Twitch Livestream  (Opens in a new window)

All Links Dean Freud / Moogulator  / Spotify Video / Podcast...  (Opens in a new window)

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Moogulator & Dean Freud

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