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Blush Response Interview

We talk to Joey Blush, the industrial mastermind behind Blush Response, about his new album "NEUROSCAPE", sound design and of course synthesizers and drum machines.

You can ask questions live in the chat and after the stream there is as always the supporter video chat where you can talk to us and Joey.

*The link to the supporter video chat is only visible for active supporters at the end of this blog post.

+ Live Stream ::: 12th March 8:30pm CET (Berlin Time) (Opens in a new window)

Twitch Livestream  (Opens in a new window)

All Links Dean Freud / Moogulator  / Spotify Video / Podcast...  (Opens in a new window)

Here's the Link to our Birthday Raffle

*only Europe

Preorder and listen the new Album Neuroscape 🤖 (Opens in a new window)

And Joey had the chance to play the Deans LL Electronics ROZZBOX 💥

*that's how we like it 😎 (Opens in a new window)

Best greetings form

Moogulator & Dean Freud

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